7 Top Reasons That Makes Magento The Best eCommerce Platform

Magento is a perfect solution for those enterprises and companies who want to start off their first/next online businesses. It is a feature-rich CMS platform that empowers merchants, retailers and business leaders to create stunning and fully-functional eCommerce sites from scratch. Although it requires developer implementation, you can enjoy its flexibility, full range of customization

50+ Берпуметӥ Премиум Паськытатон Magento Ххх

Тӥ понна туннэ берпуметӥ коллекциысьтыз magento нимзэ верало мон паськытатон аддонысь премиум 2014. Some time ago we did shared Some Fresh OpenCart Plugins and about Best OpenCart Hosting Article which could be much beneficial help for you. Мон озьы малпай, мае тӥ быгатӥськоды премиум тунсыкъяськытоно но паськытатон та magento. This list is collected from codecanyon different Author

50+ Best Premium Responsive Magento Themes in 2014

1. SuperStore SuperStore, name tells everything about itself. It is extremely suitable with store having huge product range. Block arrangement ensures website display is neat and clean to emphasize product details and not making it messy. Amazing EM Framework and Theme Variation Settings enhance customizing process to a new level, faster and easier. Just in few

Magento tutorial : How to enable Inline Translation

Last time we learned how to set up multiple languages and currencies for an eCommerce Magento site in the last Tips and Trick section. Зэм, уж вылын, this native translation function is not applicable with all of your static blocks and CMS Pages. Дон ve#8217;Т шуга, you can fix it with the Inline Translation Magento function. Lemme show you the easiest way

Selecting data from database using Magento

// display all regions defined for the United States $sql =SELECT * FROM directory_country_region WHERE country_id=’US'”; $connection = Mage::getSingleton(‘core/resource’)->getConnection(‘core_read’); foreach ($connection->fetchAll($sql) as $arr_row) { echo $arr_row[‘default_name’]; } for more magento tutorial visit: протокол HTTP://blog.free-extension.com/

20 Powerful Premium Magento Extensions

25 Most Popular Magento Fashion Themes Collection in this article, please don’t forget to check this. Also I’ve collected best free responsive Magento themes in this article. Озьы, in this collection I have collected 20 powerful Magento extensions and modules (responsive compatible) and you will find popup modules, coupon extensions, product search widgets, checkout or add to cart

5 Кужмо утчан инструментэн, Тон понна электронной сайтъя кутыны коммерциен Magento

Мон сярысь ваньзэ тодэ но seo утчан, сайтъя утчан обсуждаться трослы вылэ шергес коммерциен электронной онлайн . Коммерциен платформае малпанзэ электронной люба понна, потребитель понна каньыл но огшоры, лэсьтэм вуззэ басьтэ понна максимально утчан. Design a website that makes it easy for customers to find your products and you can increase conversions

Magento SQL Snippets

Clear Temporary Data Tables TRUNCATE `log_customer`; TRUNCATE `log_quote`; TRUNCATE `log_summary`; TRUNCATE `log_url`; TRUNCATE `log_url_info`; TRUNCATE `log_visitor`; TRUNCATE `log_visitor_info`; TRUNCATE `index_event`; TRUNCATE `report_event`; TRUNCATE `report_viewed_product_index`; TRUNCATE `dataflow_batch_import`; TRUNCATE `dataflow_batch_export`; TRUNCATE `sendfriend_log`; ALTER TABLE `log_url` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `log_url_info` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `log_visitor` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `log_visitor_info` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `report_event` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `report_viewed_product_index` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER

how to remove footer links Site Map, Seach Terms and Advanced search and Contact Us in magento

To remove or Edit magento Footer links Site Map, Search Terms, Advanced Search and Contact us is very simple,By default your Magento store will have various links such as Site Map, Seach Terms and Advanced search and Contact Us.You can remove these links from the footer in Magento follow these steps To remove Site

Вылкӧмлэсь Быдэстон Индексатор Magento

Кыӵе ке ситуациос, куке тон сярысь верам потэ-а тон янгыш сӧремезлэсь-а, яке процесс переиндексировать переиндексация каталог басьтыны magento. Та ужпум кылдэ ке, тон но дорамы тросгес луонлыкъёссы сюбегам продукт базаын юри сервер. Командный чуръёс утчаса, яке пушваланэн луэ переиндексировать. In Magento there is folder with

How do I disable Magento Compiler?

Берпуметӥез выльдӥськон: 2013-01-20 Magento Compiler feature should be disabled on any changes in loaded Magento classes, in other words, you need to disable Magento Compilation every time before installing new extension or initiating upgrade/downgrade/installation or removal of any Magento module.   To disable Magento Compiler you can use one of the following methods:   Admin Interface navigate to System >…

How to get current currency in Magento

We know Magento support multiple currency. I have found the solution to check current currency in the Magento site frontend To get Current Currency < ?php echo $currency_code = Mage::app()->getStore()->getCurrentCurrencyCode(); ?> If you looking for current currency symbol use : < ?php echo Mage::app()->getLocale()->currency(Mage::app()->getStore()->getCurrentCurrencyCode())->getSymbol(); ?>

55+ Best Magento Themes for Building e-commerce Sites

4 Magento is a feature-rich eCommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides online merchants with unprecedented flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of their eCommerce store. With one of the best Magento themes at you disposal, you can easily build up a professional shop with an awesome look and feel in no

Топ 10 Дунтэк Magento Паськытатон/Модуль

Magento-популярной ужатон понна ялан будо электронно-коммерциен платформае та интернет-сайт, электронной магазин коммерциен. Сое кылдытон понна трос уж сётыны функцизэс стабильный онлайн-кык транзакция, вузкарисез но басьяськисез. Дунтэк magento паськытатон понна куд-огез устоез луэ, со быгатэмзэс умой результатъёс понна капчиен шедьтыны луэ. Та статьяын, 10 курегпузэз питыръяса…