How to Backup Mac without Time Machine?

Резервной копиоссэс лэсьтыса машинатэк дыръя кызьы Mac ?

Mac дыр копиоссэ лэсьтыны луэ резервной машинатэк ? Кызьы? Юри тӥ понна вань кулэзэ лад-резервной чурыт яке диск умой тодо, адӟем mac педпал USB-накопитель? Ачим сярысь верано ке резервной MAC адӟем, копирование, малпасько, трос Mac пользователь утилит встраивать понна резервной автоматически – Машинаослэн Вакытсы . Дыр ке но юрттӥз, машинаеныз Mac…

Free Cloud Service Accounting Software Giving Quickbooks A Run For Their Money

Quickbooks has been the leader in business accounting software for quite some time. In the past few years, this business accounting authority has turned to cloud services to host their accounting program online, thus allowing users the ability to do their accounting anytime, from anywhere in the world. Though Quickbooks is one of the leaders,…

Ужатон понна SSL-сертификат

Ма SSL? As a web developer, Тросэз клиентъёс ми пумитазы, соослэсь юазы “малы мыным кулэ SSL? Со понна мон мар лэсьтыны луэ?"Тужгес кулэлыко ужпум, ваньзы соос, кин ветлӥз молодёжных веб-валан. SSL is the backbone of our secure Internet and it protects your sensitive information as it travels across

40 Useful Adobe Illustrator Text Effect Tutorials

Adobe Illustrator is an immensely powerful graphic software. It is certainly useful if you want to create beautiful and stylish typography. How to embellish texts or how to create them from scratch is a purely creative matter that demands skills on the part of the designer. You won’t find an automatic transformation feature in Adobe Illustrator

GitHub Says ‘No Thanks’ to Bots — Even if They’re Nice

Erik Michaels-Ober Photo: Ryan Resella When something called Imageoptimiser said it could improve Erik Michaels-Ober’s software on the GitHub code-sharing website last Sunday, Michaels-Ober wasn’t sure what to make of it. Зэм, уж вылын, he was pretty certain that the request had come from an automated program — a bot. On GitHub, these offers — called pull requests

Boost Your Mobile E-Commerce Sales With Mobile Design Patterns

People are increasingly using their smartphones as a replacement for desktop computers, even for activities such as shopping and purchasing. And as more people move away from the desktop and onto mobile-optimized websites to shop for products and services, website creators can use established design patterns to help kickstart a mobile e-commerce project. Having a

LG ӵектыны быгатӥм 7-дюймовый 1920 дышетскыны 1200 дисплей планшетный

LG ӵектыны быгатӥм 7-дюймовый 1920 дышетскыны 1200 tablet displays We’ve reached a funny point in display technology where the largest screens and the smallest screens are being made with high resolutions, but the middle ground seems to have lagged behind.LG plans to change that with a new line of high resolution displays for 7-inch and larger

Топ 10 Дунтэк Magento Паськытатон/Модуль

Magento-популярной ужатон понна ялан будо электронно-коммерциен платформае та интернет-сайт, электронной магазин коммерциен. Сое кылдытон понна трос уж сётыны функцизэс стабильный онлайн-кык транзакция, вузкарисез но басьяськисез. Дунтэк magento паськытатон понна куд-огез устоез луэ, со быгатэмзэс умой результатъёс понна капчиен шедьтыны луэ. Та статьяын, 10 курегпузэз питыръяса…

45 Пайдаё амалъёс, выль тӥрлык, jquery javascript

Мед, this is another round-up of fresh and useful Javascript techniques, tools and resources. But don’t close the tab yet, as you might find this one very useful. In this selection we present calendars, формаос, кнопкаез, navigation, debugging, оптимизация совместимость таблицаосын но, каньыл но, нош но инструментъёсын ванёс. We also cover various jQuery-plugins that will

Resize image and rounded corners using CSS

The idea is to use the background-size: шобретъёс; CSS property which handles the centering, cropping and, ну, covering. Here’s an extract from the fiddle: div.yourWrapper { пасьталаез: 50РХ; ӝужыт: 50РХ; -webkit-кунгож радиусъя: 10РХ; -МОЗ-арт радиусъя: 10РХ; арт-радиусъя: 10РХ; фон: url(‘some_image.jpg’) no-repeat center center; -webkit-background-size: шобретъёс; -moz-background-size: шобретъёс; -o-background-size: шобретъёс; background-size: шобретъёс; }