CSS3 Pseudo-Classes and HTML5 Forms

  CSS3 Pseudo-Classes and HTML5 Forms Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 by Peter Gasston. Hello! I’m Doctor Peter and I’m here to treat you with a dose of complementary CSS3. Ne skrbite,, this won’t hurt a bit. Contrary to what HTML5 Please and the W3C would have you believe, CSS3 is not part of HTML5. “But this is HTML5 Doctor,"…

27 Free Bootstrap HTML Templates

Bootstrap je odprtokodni CSS in okvir JavaScript, ki ga je razvila skupina na Twitterju. Vsebuje HTML in na osnovi CSS predlog načrta za tipografijo, obrazci, gumbi, navigacijo in druge komponente vmesnika, kot tudi izbirne razširitve JavaScript. Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier. V ta post, we have collected 27 Free Bootstrap HTML Templates available from

HTML5 forms input types

In the first article in this series we looked at the history of HTML5 forms and many of the new attributes available to us. In this second and final part of the series, we’ll look at the new input types available in HTML5. As we’ll see, these new features will go a long way toward making your