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There are a ton of options out there for font replacement, including some great WordPress plugins that make font replacement easier than ever. cave, you can hard-code your font replacement into your theme (or into a theme options page), but a plugin is sometimes a much better option, especially when you want to make a

25+ Ut enim ad Pelvis Logo Designs

There are some awesome typeface fonts available on the web today for designers who need high quality fonts for free. As designers we enjoy many freebies which make our lives easier for various projects. I have to confess, there are many awesome fonts out there that are not cheap. So I decided to compiled a collection of

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It’s quite difficult to be a designer, because it’s the creative profession and inspiration is often lost. There is no the “right” working mood and a lot of other external factors. And when such a mood appears, it turns out that you have not enough the tools in order to create the greatest design ever

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Aleo Free Font is a contemporary typeface designed as the slab serif companion to the Lato font by Łukasz Dziedzic. Details also has semi-orbiculari, et obesis carnibus compages, ingenium fortissimum ac summum illud adhuc ereptum tibi. Familia sex generibus comprehendit,: three weights (lux, audax iusto) respondentem vero cum litteris cursivis.   The Aleo font family

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Mirella Script – MORE INFO ChopinScript – MORE INFO CAC Champagne – MORE INFO Arizonia – MORE INFO Old Script – MORE INFO Billy Argel Font – MORE INFO One Fell Swoop – MORE INFO Renaissance Regular – MORE INFO Gourdie Handwriting – MORE INFO Freebooter Script – MORE INFO Coneria Script Demo – MORE INFO Calligra Phillip Font – MORE INFO Blessed Day – MORE INFO Feathergraphy