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FTP Server provides a simple way to share / exchange files between your computers and other devices. * Ports below 1024 (including port 21) are supported since version 2.3. FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files from one host to another host over a TCP-based network, sicut…

8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your Health

8 Vias Technology est emendas, Salutem

Exaudi nos in omni tempore technology quomodo malum pro nobis. Cum the introduction of computers, ut ampliori tempore maneret non sedens ad opus desk, quam ad movere circa. Hoc est agens creatum sumus ingentem stragem dedit SEDENTARIUS vivendi, ut vita in altiore. What if I were to tell you that technology has produced

Fenestra Linux hosting vs

Which is better Unix Web Hosting; Linux? Fenestra? On the Internet there is a tremendous amount of argument over which operating system is the best for web hosting. There are anti-windows haters, there are FreeBSD fanatics and more. But which is the best? The truth is it depends on what you are doing. The servers

Freshbooks nobis. Quickbooks

QuickBooks is the grandfather of accounting software that has been in use for years by computer users around the world. With QuickBooks you can easily do things like create estimates, invoices and do a wide variety of other accounting tasks right from the comfort of your computer without having to hire an outside accountant. Even though QuickBooks

Quid Novi Photoshop CS6 (Latin & extenditur)

The world’s best digital imaging software gets even better with Photoshop CS6. Benefit from state-of-the-art imaging magic, exciting new creative options, and unprecedented performance. Correct, refine, and composite with groundbreaking new Content-Aware tools, an all-new Crop tool, and new skin tone–aware selections and masking. Design superior graphics as well as movies with new and reimagined tools

3 Recuperandae data est potentia Tools

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery –Technician Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery isdeveloped to recover lost or inaccessible data files from FAT, exFAT, et NTFS lima ratio agitet formatted ferreus agitet quod INCURSUS. Quod auxilium ferri immersa variis modulorum provectus users notitia quod omnia damna recoverlost, deletum, quae formatae sint vel amissa. The software