Nastavit řízení přístupu Host Network a časované na základnovou stanici AirPort

  Apple’s AirPort and Time Capsule base stations have always been easy to use and offer fantastic reliability. Even though they may not necessarily include some more advanced features, they have an impressive feature set that is pretty well hidden. Two such options that I’ll demonstrate in this tutorial are Guest Networks, for keeping your

Co je nového v MySQL Workbench 6.0

A new home screen A new, modernized “Domov” screen where major functionality of MySQL Workbench can be accessed, including connections to MySQL servers, modeling, migration, and the command-line utilities. Postava 2.1. Home Screen: Workbench 5.2   Postava 2.2. Home Screen: Workbench 6.0   Unified SQL Editor and Administration interface In the new user interface, the Server Administration functionality (such

Jak: Portfolio míst pro novináře, GitHub z nich dělá levný a (trochu) snadný

Time and time again, new journalists are told to market themselves and make a brand for themselves. The new media heroes of the day have all done it — Nate Silver and fivethirtyeight, Andrew Sullivan and The Daily Dish, Brian Stelter and TVNewser, Matt Thompson, Kat Chow, Touré, Danyel Smith — the list goes on. Někdy, ačkoli, all you need is a static site to tell

Vrchol 15 Produkty Google pro lidi, kteří vytvářet webové stránky

Google’s strategy of empowering site developers and owners with free and valuable tools has proven to be effective in garnering a fair bit of geek love for the company. But this affinity to Google by technology enthusiasts is not without warrant—they really do make excellent products that can be instrumental in building, maintaining, and improving