7 Top Reasons That Makes Magento The Best eCommerce Platform

Magento is a perfect solution for those enterprises and companies who want to start off their first/next online businesses. It is a feature-rich CMS platform that empowers merchants, retailers and business leaders to create stunning and fully-functional eCommerce sites from scratch. Although it requires developer implementation, you can enjoy its flexibility, full range of customization

50+ Els últims premium Magento Extensions Complements

Avui hem fet una llista per a vostè última col·lecció Premium Magento Extensions de Addons 2014. Some time ago we did shared Some Fresh OpenCart Plugins and about Best OpenCart Hosting Article which could be much beneficial help for you. Per tant, pensem que aquesta Extensions de Magento premium que poden interessar, així. This list is collected from codecanyon different Author

50+ Els millors temes superiors de resposta en Magento 2014

1. SuperStore SuperStore, name tells everything about itself. It is extremely suitable with store having huge product range. Block arrangement ensures website display is neat and clean to emphasize product details and not making it messy. Amazing EM Framework and Theme Variation Settings enhance customizing process to a new level, faster and easier. Just in few

20 Poderoses extensions de Magento premium

25 Most Popular Magento Fashion Themes Collection in this article, please don’t forget to check this. Also I’ve collected best free responsive Magento themes in this article. Tan, in this collection I have collected 20 powerful Magento extensions and modules (responsive compatible) and you will find popup modules, coupon extensions, product search widgets, checkout or add to cart

5 Poderoses eines de recerca per a l'ús en el seu lloc web de comerç electrònic Magento

tot el que sabem sobre la recerca i SEO, menys discutit és la recerca en línia en el seu lloc de comerç electrònic. La idea per a qualsevol plataforma de comerç electrònic és fer la recerca i la compra de productes tan simple i convenient possible per als consumidors. Design a website that makes it easy for customers to find your products and you can increase conversions

Magento SQL Snippets

Clear Temporary Data Tables TRUNCATE `log_customer`; TRUNCATE `log_quote`; TRUNCATE `log_summary`; TRUNCATE `log_url`; TRUNCATE `log_url_info`; TRUNCATE `log_visitor`; TRUNCATE `log_visitor_info`; TRUNCATE `index_event`; TRUNCATE `report_event`; TRUNCATE `report_viewed_product_index`; TRUNCATE `dataflow_batch_import`; TRUNCATE `dataflow_batch_export`; TRUNCATE `sendfriend_log`; ALTER TABLE `log_url` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `log_url_info` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `log_visitor` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `log_visitor_info` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `report_event` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER TABLE `report_viewed_product_index` AUTO_INCREMENT=1; ALTER

How do I disable Magento Compiler?

Darrera actualització: 2013-01-20 Magento Compiler feature should be disabled on any changes in loaded Magento classes, in other words, you need to disable Magento Compilation every time before installing new extension or initiating upgrade/downgrade/installation or removal of any Magento module.   To disable Magento Compiler you can use one of the following methods:   Admin Interface navigate to System >…

How to get current currency in Magento

We know Magento support multiple currency. I have found the solution to check current currency in the Magento site frontend To get Current Currency < ?php echo $currency_code = Mage::app()->getStore()->getCurrentCurrencyCode(); ?> If you looking for current currency symbol use : < ?php echo Mage::app()->getLocale()->currency(Mage::aplicació()->getStore()->getCurrentCurrencyCode())->getSymbol(); ?>

traducció en línia a Magento

If you need translations for your site but translation packs are not fully translated, then inline translation is very nice feature. In this post I will cover entire process for inline translation in Magento. So I assume that you already instaled your language packs, and that you created diferent store views for diferent languages. Pròxim…

Superior 10 Extensions de Magento lliures / Mòduls

Magento és una plataforma de comerç electrònic populars entre els usos en constant creixement per a les botigues en línia i llocs web de comerç electrònic. S'ofereix un munt de característiques per permetre transaccions en línia sense problemes per a tots dos, els compradors i venedors. Hi ha algunes extensions lliures meravelloses per Magento que poden ser fàcilment utilitzats per obtenir els millors resultats possibles. En aquest article, 10 ha de tenir…