OS X Mountain Lion: Set your Mac to log out when not in use

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OS X Mountain Lion: Set your Mac to log out when not in use

Keep your Mac password protected and safe from prying eyes when your computer is idle. You can easily set up your Mac OS X computer to automatically log-off after a predetermined period of time.


  1. In the Mac OS X Finder or Desktop, select the Apple Menu in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Select “System Preferences” and release your mouse/trackpad to launch the “System Preferences” application.

  2. set-mac-log-out-automatically-1.2-800x800

    Single click the “Security” icon in “System Preferences” to launch the “Security” preferences.

  3. set-mac-log-out-automatically-1.3-800x800

    Click the “Log Out After” checkbox in the “General” tab of the “Security” preferences.

  4. set-mac-log-out-automatically-1.3-800x800

    Input, using your number keys or the time toggle bar, the amount of time, in minutes, before your Mac will automatically log out after inactivity. Close the System Preferences.

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