9 Beautifully Designed Online Food Stores

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9 Beautifully Designed Online Food Stores


Working at Granify, we get introduced to many interesting online shops. We’ve seen thousands of stores that sell anything you can imagine. While many of them clearly place little emphasis on design, every once in awhile we spot a truly beautiful and unique design.

Today we’ve decided to share some of the most beautiful food sites we’ve seen because… well, we love food. We rummaged through the depths of the interwebs to find shops listed below – they are truly remarkable!


1) Murray’s Cheese


If you’re a cheese lover, you’ll love this brand! Critics call it the world’s best cheese. Lucky for you, this Greenwich Village gem (since 1940) is available to those outside of New York too. The food photography alone makes this site droolingly delicious. Wait… is droolingly a word?

2) Goosebumps Pickles


The Make Your Own Pickle feature makes interacting with this site feel like playing a game! Seriously take a look at this website, everything about it is so innovative and fun. We recommend just scrolling through the “Limited Edition” section, it’s like watching a little movie in action. So few websites do things as well as Goosebumps Pickles, it’s a nice feeling knowing that creative geniuses still exist out there (especially when it comes to the ecommerce world)!

3) Soup Peddler


The brand is simple: soup delivery by bike. The instructions are just as simple: use the lookup tool on the site and find the delivery day for your specific neighbourhood, make your choice of soup, leave an ice cooler on your porch (disregard if you’re ordering for a business), warm your food using the heating instructions, and share. The site is even more intriguing because it makes you love soup instantly, at least it did for us.

4) Asher’s Chocolate


They had us at chocolate covered chips! The Asher family has been making award-winning sweets since 1892, it has been passed down four generations. For those of you who are health conscious they have the largest (and most delicious, they claim) selection of sugar-free chocolate treats in the USA. The site itself is really easy to navigate through and the products are beautifully displayed, well done!

5) Le Maitre D’ & Sommelier


They started as a bricks and mortar company in the mid 90′s in Montreal and now they’ve grown to become Canada’s no.1 online gourmet food store. They specialize in all things meat and seafood, perfect for this BBQ season! What we loved about this site is that they make meat look so flawless, even uncooked!

6) Dean & Deluca


If you haven’t heard of DEAN & DELUCA then you don’t know true gourmet food. They were the first to penetrate the gourmet food market in NYC and have rightfully earned the cultural status and global brand awareness they have. Every aspect of the D&D site, every image, every product just fit so well with the lifestyle, brand and look they wanted to portray.

7) Mouth


Hand crafted, hand made, small-batched indie food. Can you really go wrong? Our favourite things about the website and the brand in general: the products are perfectly displayed, they offer monthly subscription clubs to all kinds of things (everything from cookies to pickles), and they give shoppers the chance to donate to food-related charities! Love, love, love this brand!

8) Marx Foods


When they first started out, they were exclusive (how fancy). Their customers were the top 400 chefs in the states but now, this high-end gourmet food supplier is available to the home chefs too! The passion behind the business stems from the importance of bringing customers the most exciting new food products of tomorrow. Beautifully captured and organized product displays make this site so appealing.

9) Udi’s Gluten Free


Gluten free everythaaang. Udi’s Gluten Free has become America’s number one shop for gluten free products. I think for all of you who are gluten intolerant, this site is a dream come true! They seriously have a great selection of products, the site is easy to navigate through, the photography is excellent and the colours work so well.