8 Simple CMS Alternatives To Power Your Website

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8 Simple CMS Alternatives To Power Your Website

For individuals who are looking to build a simple website WordPress is often the first solution they come across. In some instances a publishing tool such as WordPress may be overly complex for their needs.

Many creative individuals such as photographers, graphic designers and writers want a simple website CMS that allows them to easily showcase their work and build their website without needing to get stuck in with excessive coding and theming.

Today I wanted to bring you some alternative CMS tools that are perfect for creating and managing your work, blogs and pages. Some of these simple CMS tools provide you with a complete hands off approach to coding and others allow you to get your hands dirty with a little coding.

Either way these CMS tools will allow you to get your website up and running quickly and in most case with little or no cost.



Dunked allows you to create your online portfolio for free without needing to code. Dunked is a free, simple tool that allows creative folk to showcase their work.



Medium is a perfect place for writers, Medium is a fluff free composing tool that is minimal and truly focused on what-you-see-is-what-you-get content writing.



Pico is a simple, fast, flat file CMS. Pico allows you to create and maintain your website by easily editing simple text files.



Leeflets is a project to watch, currently being created by Jason Schuller. Leeflets is created for single page websites and requires hardly any coding knowledge to get it up and running.



SquareSpace is another heaven creative individuals, SquareSpace allows you easily manage and build your website. SquareSpace is highly versatile and can be used as a simple publishing tool or a full scale online shop to sell your products.



Dropplets is a simple blogging tool, there is no database or confusing admins to worry about. Dropplets can be installed in seconds and writing content is just as fast using allowing you to compose in markdown.



Virb gives you an easy way to build a your website. You can create, upload, and import your content with our easy-to-use admin, your content is then displayed in one of Verbs beautiful and customisable themes.



Koken is a free system perfect for photographers, designers, and creative individuals. Koken allows you to publish your work and writing and choose between their pre built themes.