7 Top Reasons That Makes Magento The Best eCommerce Platform

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7 Top Reasons That Makes Magento The Best eCommerce Platform

Magento is a perfect solution for those enterprises and companies who want to start off their first/next online businesses. It is a feature-rich CMS platform that empowers merchants, retailers and business leaders to create stunning and fully-functional eCommerce sites from scratch. Although it requires developer implementation, you can enjoy its flexibility, full range of customization options and also has the potential to scale the software as your business grows.

Besides this, Magento also offers many out-of-the-box features such as customer groups, multi-store, product comparison, built-in SEO compatibilities, and a lot more. Today, in this blog post, we will light upon the key features of Magento that will stimulate you to choose Magento for your fast-growing eCommerce website.

Here are the key features of Magento:

1. Open Source Platform

Magento is an innovative eCommerce platform built on open-source technology that provides website owners and online merchants a flexible shopping cart system and a complete control over the look, feel, functionality and content of their online stores.

The platform allows both the experienced web developers as well as site owners to create and modify the coding of an online store with ease. You can even improvise the functionality of the site according to your specific business needs.

2. Fully Customizable

Since Magento is open source software, a professional Magento developer can customize the online store according to their customer’s specific needs. They can develop personalized and rich user experiences for multiple devices and screen sizes.

A developer can add customized back-end to fulfill the specific company requirements. It means Magento is a fully customizable platform that allows people to create any sort of an online store quickly and easily.

3. It comes with tons of themes and extensions

If you are using Magento, then you can easily enhance the design and functionality of your eCommerce site with ease. The CMS platform offers a host of themes and extensions to help you personalize your online store the way you want.

Magento themes allow you to showcase your merchandise in an engaging way. Even, you can tweak the other elements of web design such as color scheme, background, typography, header layouts, footer layouts and a lot more in a matter of few minutes. There are almost hundreds of themes to choose from for any type of a web store.

Similarly, Magento extensions allow you to extend the functionality of an online store, without even generating a single piece of coding. You can embed a variety of functionality into your online store with the sole objective to give rich user experience to your potential web customers.

4. Coupon Codes Functionality

Magento gives you the flexibility to design coupons and incorporate discount rules for improved sales as well as customer retainment. This type of functionality induces customers to use coupons for one order and boost future profits when they come back to your site for shopping purposes.

In fact, buyers can see which coupons they have used in the shopping cart. You can also see the used coupon codes in both the admin panel and in the customer’s account. So, drive more and more visitors by encouraging them to use coupon codes while making the purchase from your e-store.

5. Performance Optimization platform

Speed is one of the most crucial factors that can determine the visibility and usability of a site, especially if you have an online store. A two-second delay in loading a web page could ruin your e-store’s ability to convert web visitors into potential web customers.

Fortunately, Magento comes with top-notch caching solutions such as Varnish and other database optimization tools and techniques that can improve the overall speed of your online store with ease.

6. Multi-store feature

Magento comes with a multi-store management functionality to let you control multiple web stores with just one installation. It means the products and services you sell on other domains can be shared on a single admin dashboard with an aim to monitor product sales quickly and easily.

Plus, there is a catalog management feature that allows you to create easy product groupings while setting up different prices for each item. You can even optimize the file size of images to make your e-store run faster on the web as well as mobile browsers.

7. Scalable

If you are looking for a scalable eCommerce solution for your online business, then Magento is an ideal option for you. The platform is perfect for all sizes and scales of businesses – easy to scale up or scale down the functionality as per the specific business needs.

No matter what type of features, functions and modifications you need for your online store, Magento is always there to help you. We can say Magento is the best option for fast-growing eCommerce sites.


Creating eCommerce site on Magento can offer you a ton of stunning solution to fit your business. For many small scale businesses, Magento Community is an ideal way to start off their first/next online venture. The free version of Magento includes a robust community of developers and designers to help you guide you throughout the Magento development journey.