6 Best Event Management Plugins For WordPress 2015

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6 Best Event Management Plugins For WordPress 2015


Plugins of this niche come with handy tools that can help you pick dates and pin them on the calendar, with details of course. These can help you set reminders for your readers to learn about important events. Just find the right one which suits requirements at your side.

Best WordPress Events Plugin

Let’s roll down to the list and see what options we got to manage events and calendar part of our website. I’m writing them down according to a pattern in which you’ll find best on top.

#1 EventOn


It will cost you $28 and bring features like integrated Google Maps, assign events as per categories, adding additional fields, different design layouts, sort and filter options and support for lots of languages.

It offers total responsive layouts which help the related things work even on smartphones, tablets or most common mobile phones. The whole design is minimal and the complete plugin is extremely light weight.

You can use it to show anniversary or any other special event and the plugin will make it special via graphics. It’s compatible with most of the browsers out there and even with latest version of WordPress script. Check on its official website and I’m sure you’ll find its demo worthy.

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#2 Timetable Responsive Schedule For WordPress


Even without a plugin the best way out there to manage different events and appointments is through a time-table (a type of calendar). This plugin offers the same kind of user interface and gets the job done in pretty fast.

The graphical elements are power backed by a responsive method which means that the time-table part of your website is even going to work effectively on smartphones, tablets, etc. It is compatible with most the browsers out there along with latest version of WordPress script.

The design part here is really cool and its official page says that it’s perfect for gym classes, school timetables or even for any business where you need to manage meetings, events, etc.

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#3 Booking System PRO


This premium one will help you configure calendar, activities, services, discounts and attach all these things to a product. You can set them in different orders and even a shopping cart can be putted right away with them.

The plugin can even set certain features that will allow users to enter events and other details from the front end of the website. The coding part is supported by AJAX for smoother user experience and a lot of extra features are offered which you may or may not need around. If you wish to set around a price tag offering discount then both these things are possible within.

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#4 Bookly


Responsive layout, Google Calendar integration, editable email notifications, fully translatable, email notifications, customizable appearance, etc. are the highlighting features over here and I’m sure you will find everything inside worthy of $38 price you’ve to pay for Bookly plugin.

It supports most of the common payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net and you are even allowed to insert these gateways right on the event side. The design part is the main beauty and it got a lot of categories of events that you can cover up using this plugin.

Once it’s installed (gets done like any other plugin) then you need to setup any event or meeting like gym meeting, lessons or any other event. Once category part is done then enter further details and make your design selections. You also don’t need to check the Dashboard area too often as you can expect every change to arrive in your email inbox.

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#5 Event Expresso


Our next plugin is available in both free and premium versions. I’ve added the link here for premium one while you can find its lite (free) version right among the WordPress’s plugin store. If you love coffee a lot then you’re definitely going to like many aspects of this plugin. This is mainly because most of the labels are inspired by the coffee itself.

It will help you set up events, meetings, lessons or any other registration you may want to start with your readers or clients. It’s completely integrated with WordPress and supports most popular browsers. It’s compatible with latest version of WordPress but it misses out being responsive completely.

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#6 Event Booking Pro


A plugin that will cost you $30 and it comes bundled with PayPal integration, Google Maps, multiple occurrences, multiple tickets integrations, user-friendly event creation, full control over appearance, CSV support and totally responsive design. It comes with dedicated support and the help task can even help you in setting this plugin up over your website.

It becomes further handy because it supports coupons using which you can share usable coupons to your readers like they have on shopping portals. Use it to create event boxes, calendars, charts and different buttons. Everything is set up pretty nicely and you don’t need to worry about anything that can hurt user’s experience.

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Over to You

Get ready for the events you’re planning to arrange with all your readers or clients as one of the above mentioned plugin is going to help you out for sure. Just find out the perfect one as per your requirements and I hope things work out for you just as you’re planning. If you need any assistance then let me know in the discussion section beneath.

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