50+ Best WordPress Slider Plugin Collection

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50+ Best WordPress Slider Plugin Collection


Having a WordPress slider or simply a jQuery Slider implemented into the top of a blog or website front page, category page etc., not only looks good, it also have a significant positive effect on conversion rates i.e. getting visitors to sign up, buy products and so on. This is also true for jQuery Carousel style scripts. In most professional themes for building WordPress website sliders are included but what if you have an existing WordPress website and want the benefits from a slider right now? It is actually quite simple because a bunch of skilled programmers has created plug and play solutions and provides this in the form of a WordPress Slider Plugins. They are easy to install, configure and integrate into most WordPress sites. Many of them also support multiple slider models and can be used to run multiple sliders in various spots on the same site. This post has just been updated with new slider plugins, and all links have been checked.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing any product or service. This article is not a guideline, a recommendation or endorsement of specific products.

LayerSlider WP – The WordPress Parallax Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


LayerSlider is the favorite parallax effect slider of the World. It is highly customizable and it has a stunning admin user interface.

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Create a responsive(mobile friendly) or full width slider with must-see-effects and meanwhile keep or build your SEO optimization (all content always readable for search engines). See the heaps of custom transitions/animations for each object on the page! This plugin features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects.

AllSlider – WordPress Responsive Slider Carousel – MORE INFO / DEMO


AllSlider is a responsive, touch enabled, slider carousel plugin for WordPress that allows you to create multiple sliders using a drag & drop interface and show them using a shortcode or a widget.



Slider PRO is one of the most powerful slider plugins for WordPress on the market (some buyers have been saying that it’s actually the best). The slider offers you 100+ customizable properties, 100+ possible transition effects, 10+ skins and much more. Also, the slider’s administration area is very powerful and uses the default WordPress design, which WordPress users are already familiar with. This slider plugin is carefully coded, using WordPress development best practices, to avoid conflicts with other themes and plugins that are well coded. Please take a look at the list of features at the feature page.

Banner Rotator / Content Slider WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


All In One is an Advanced Jquery Slider WordPress plugin which comes in 5 flavors: Banner Rotator, Thumbnails Banner, Banner with Playlist, Content Slider, Carousel. It allows you to easily create powerful sliders with animated text using HTML standard tags, making the slider very easy to setup and maintain.

SlideDeck – MORE INFO / DEMO


SlideDeck is a fully responsive slider that makes it easy to create beautiful slideshows with zero code. Create your own or use the dynamic SlideDeck function to automatically creates gorgeous sliders from 13+ sources like YouTube and Instagram. Customizable lenses let you change the look of your slider in a few clicks. It’s no wonder The Next Web said SlideDeck “eclipse[s] nearly every other option on the market.”

Z-News Multimedia Post – MORE INFO / DEMO


Z-News Multimedia Post is a plugin of news with multimedia options. Can be configured video (Youtube, Vimeo, MP4 and FLV), audio (MP3), image and html content (using the WordPress editor). The plugin has features Touch Swipe, Drag and responsive layout.

WPSequencer – CSS3 slider constructor for WordPress – MORE INFO /DEMO


WPSequencer is truly unique WordPress slider plugin. With simple to use drag and drop slider builder you can create stunning animation in minutes. 40+ predefined animation presets and Google fonts support – out of the box!

Cute Slider WP – 3D & 2D HTML5 WordPress Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


Cute Slider WP is a cool premium CSS3 / HTML5 WordPress slider plugin with amazing 2D and 3D animation effects.

WordPress UniSlider – MORE INFO / DEMO


The WP UniSlider plugin adds an elegant and sleek slider feature to your pages, You can use it as an images slideshow, or put any html content to slide. There are many features and options included, easy to customize and implement.

ROYAL SLIDER – Touch Content Slider for WordPress – MORE INFO /DEMO


RoyalSlider for WordPress is a cross-device jQuery content slider with touch-based navigation and responsive layout. It has user-friendly admin area where you can manage slides, change slider settings, customize interface and add blocks-captions using custom WYSIWIG editor.

WP Parallax Content Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


WP Parallax Content Slider is a plugin which adds automatically a content slider of your last posts where you want on your WordPress blog or website.

vSlider Multi Image Slider for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


vSlider is a wordpress image slider plugin where you can host multiple image sliders and upto 20 slides per slider.

Repose Showcase for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Repose is a JavaScript plugin which can be used as an amazing showcase for different stuff. Some awesome stuff that can be showcased using Repose would be portfolio, images, social links, your team, your USP or features, or pricing tables.




Manage your slides the way you want, don’t depend on pages and posts. Upload Images via AJAX direct from the slide manager page. Over 11 different transitions



“Estro” meaning “creativity”, “talent” or “inspiration”, in Italian, is a fitting moniker for this beautiful slider. For the design of this slider we wanted to create a price of work which could form the centerpiece of your next web project. A starting point, who?s design and execution would inspire you and supercharge your own work.

Genesis Responsive Slider – MORE INFO


This plugin allows you to create a simple responsive slider that displays the featured image, along with the title and excerpt from each post.

It includes options for the maximum dimensions of your slideshow, allows you to choose to display posts or pages, what category to pull from, and even the specific post IDs of the posts you want to display. It includes next/previous arrows and a pager along with the option to turn both on or off. Finally, you can place the slider into a widget area.

The slideshow is also responsive and will automatically adjust for the screen it is being displayed on.

Facebook Likebox Slider for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Facebook Likebox Slider is an awesome plugin to become connected in the social networks of a website.

Fullscreen Background Image Slider WP Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


This plugin allow you to have fullscreen background image slider for your wordpress site. You can set the background image for each posts (including custom post types that comes with your active theme), manage the thumbnail settings for each post too.

WordPress 360º Image Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


The WP 360 º Image Slider is a highly configurable plugin that adds slider functionality to your posts or pages.



This plugin creates a new shortcode for WordPress. With this new shortcode, you can create a slider gallery in seconds just by typing [slider] while you’re writing your post or page. The slider will display the images that you have uploaded to the current post or page. If you need more options, this simple shortcode features multiple attributes that you can set

Fullscreen Background Image Slider WP Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


This plugin allows you to have fullscreen background image slider for your WordPress site. You can set the background image for each posts (including custom post types that comes with your active theme), manage the thumbnail settings for each post too.



TouchCarousel is a posts content slider WordPress plugin with touch navigation for mobile devices. The Touch feature also works when you use a mouse…pretty cool actually. You can slide custom post types, with custom taxonomies (categories, tags, e.t.c.) and create layout templates using simple templating system



liJQuery Image Slider plugin for WordPress is carefully crafted slider/banner image rotator, full of features, easy to install and customize. It comes with intuitive – user friendly WordPress admin interface.

Thumbnail Scroller – MORE INFO / DEMO


This Plugin will help you to easily add a thumbnail scroller to your WordPress website or blog. The scroller is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones). You will be able to insert it in any page or post you want with an inbuilt short code generator.

Lowrider Triple Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


Lowrider Triple Slider is a non-traditional slider for WordPress showing more than one image at the time. with the right material the effect can be really cool.



Show off your content the real way – in a slider! This WordPress slider includes 6 predefined layouts and allows you to customize layouts with 18 variables. Intuitive admin GUI with inline help.

KenBurner WordPress Slideshow Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


This WordPress slideshow plugin offers the combination of Ken Burns Effect, state-of-the-art Slider and Text Animations. You can customize your slideshows with the drag&drop backend to fit your needs. It is possible to give each slider some captions to deliver the message effectively.

Responsive Ken Burns Slider WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Ken Burns Sliders Full Collection WordPress Plugin comes in 4 versions: Fixed Dimensions, Full Width, Full Screen and SideBar banners/Mini-Galeries.

Pristine Slider: pure CSS3 interactive slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


Pristine Slider is a unique product, the first of it’s kind. It’s a fully interactive slider, written entirely in CSS , no JavaScript. That makes it incredibly light and snappy, it works on all modern browsers. And for our beloved Internet Explorer there is a JS fallback included, so no worries there. The slider is easily customizable through the options page in the dashboard. You can change various settings like timings, transition duration, transition effect, width, height etc. Additionally, you can easily style the slider with CSS .

Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Ether Content Builder WordPress Plugin is a powerful tool for building custom content pages aided with innovative visual composer. It comes equipped with many commonly used widgets that can be laid out via interactive drag&drop interface. Ether Builder can use 3rd party widgets as well as custom crafted ones. Ether Builder is actively developed by Por Design and gets regular updates and bug fixes. No coding knowledge is required and it’s a must have brag for any serious content publisher that works with WordPress.



CCSlider WP makes it easy to embed the CCSlider jQuery slideshow plugin in your WordPress theme. CCSlider is an unique slideshow plugin because of the fact that it supports 3d transitions! There are 10 stunning 3d transitions available, and also 10 stylish 2d transitions.

WP Slideshow Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


With the WordPress slideshow gallery plugin you can embed a slideshow gallery into any WordPress post/page with the use of the “sideshow” shortcode. You can hardcode a slideshow gallery into any of the PHP files of your WordPress theme using just a few lines of code. This WordPress Slider plugin have thumbs below the image being presented, text overlay and looks pretty cool – and then it is completely free.

Paradigm Slider WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


A combination of Parallax Effect, state-of-the-art Slider and Text Animations defines this slider. Customize unlimited sliders with our own Drag&Drop Slider Editor to your very needs. Give each slider a parallax caption to transport your message. Touch swipe for iOS and Android mobile devices is of course included. So it works on every modern browser (including IE7 /8) and on mobile devices.



Slider Evolution is a JQuery plugin that lets you easily create powerful javascript sliders with very nice transition effects. Enhance your website by adding a unique and attractive slider! Create an unlimited number of sliders with customized settings for each one, and place them anywhere on your WordPress website with ease. You must check out this WordPress slider demos

3D Content Slideshow for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


F3D WordPress Slider is based on jQuery Featured 3D Slider plugin that converts static HTML content into a 3D stage with smoothly moving objects. The effect is simply amazing and I have not seen it in other WordPress slideshow plugins so far. Check the demo to experience the cool 3D effect.

Cyclone Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


Cyclone Slider follows the keep it simple mantra. It leverages wordpress’ built-in features. It uses custom post for the slideshow, custom fields to store settings, and media uploader for the images. Its simple yet flexible.

Polaroid Slider for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Polaroid slider mimics the feeling of the old-style polaroid photographs. It’s a powerful JavaScript-CSS slider using CSS3 and jQuery! Create slides with image, video or HTML content or generate slides from your favorite flickr or 500px feeds.



uBillboard is a Premium Slider for WordPress. It is a jQuery based slider with a multitude of transitions and options for you to be able to customize it to your needs while not overwhelming you with options you never wanted or needed. Version 3 is a revolutionary release with most of the codebase rewritten from scratch. This has enabled us to integrate many features that you have been requesting during the first year. Make sure you see this WordPress Slider demo in action!

SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


Create responsive content sliders on your WordPress blogging platform. Manage SlideDeck content and insert them into templates and posts.

Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider – WordPress Plugin – MORE INFO / DEMO


Multipurpose Bookshelf Slider – WordPress Plugin is useful for displaying products such as books, magazines, dvd, cd and others. It’s a way to showcase products in an attractive manner. Features of “lightbox” to display images, videos (Youtube and Vimeo) and any html content (WordPress editor). Can be added detailed content to each product. Easy to add into WordPress using widgets or shortcodes.



Flip Book WordPress Pluginis based is on XML Flip Book / AS3 one of the three top selling items of all times on ActiveDen . It has been built from scratch. Almost everything you see on the page is easily customizable through the WordPress administration panel – easy installation, no coding skills required.

TouchCarousel – Posts Content Slider for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


TouchCarousel is a posts content slider WordPress plugin with touch navigation for mobile devices. You can slide custom post types, with custom taxonomies (categories, tags, e.t.c.) and create layout templates using simple templating system.

jQuery Carousel Evolution for WordPress –MORE INFO / DEMO


jQuery Carousel Evolution for WordPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create powerfull carousel slider in a few minutes. You can then integrate it into any page with a single shortcode. It includes a full back-end interface to create and customize your Carousel. It also offers a preview mode to easily try out some settings before pushing them live.

Meteor Slides – MORE INFO / DEMO


Easily create responsive slideshows with WordPress that are mobile friendly and simple to customize.

Promotion Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


Promotion Slider is a jQuery slideshow populated by the promotions you enter into the WordPress admin area.

Social Slider Pro for WordPress – MORE INFO / DEMO


Social Slider Pro for WordPress is a social plugin that adds a sliding, sticky, social sidebar to your site. With tons of ways to customize it, Social Slider Pro for WordPress can help you gain social traffic almost immediately

Pinwheel Slider – MORE INFO / DEMO


Pinwheel Slider is a customizable WordPress plugin that will help you adding a very attractive featured content and image carousel with the ability to add ‘N’ number of slides horizontally sliding to your WordPress site’s front page, other pages, posts, sidebar widgets etc. There are three slides visible at a time with the ‘Center’ Large feature and two ‘Side’ small features one on the Left side and the other on the Right side.

Dynamic Content Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


Creates a dynamic gallery of images for latest or featured content posts, categories, pages and Custom Post Type posts.

Slideshow Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


Slideshow Gallery features content in a JavaScript powered slideshow gallery showcase on your WordPress website

WP ThumbFx – Responsive jQuery Thumbnail Effects – MORE INFO / DEMO


Enrich your website experience with WPThumbFx, a WordPress jQuery animation plugin that brings your images and content in your articles to life. Create unique animated effects effortlessly without any knowledge of jQuery. All effects are responsive and adapt perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Page Flip Image Gallery – MORE INFO / DEMO


FlippingBook WordPress Gallery plugin helps you to create Image Gallery with Page Flip effects on your blog.

WordPress Content Slide – MORE INFO / DEMO


Content Slide is used to create fully customizable JQuery fading image slideshow anywhere within your WordPress site. Custom options include slideshow size, color, style and more.

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