5 Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins To Skyrocket Your Conversions

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5 Top WordPress Landing Page Plugins To Skyrocket Your Conversions

Have you ever wanted to create custom page layouts that look awesome?

What about conversion optimized pages like sales pages, squeeze pages and other landing pages?

You’re in luck because this is now easier than ever.

Imagine being able to create a custom landing page that looks great and is designed to convert – all without the technical headache of having to pay a developer or learn how to code.

In this post I’ll show you a number of powerful WordPress plugins that make landing page creation easy. You will even find tools that allow you to run split tests in seconds and create a variety of other types of pages.

Top WordPress landing page plugins

OptimizePress 2.0

Create Customizable Landing Pages With OptimizePress

OptimizePress has been a leader in the field of sales pages, landing pages and squeeze pages for a long time, but until version 2.0 launched, they only provided a WordPress theme.

With OptimizePress 2.0 you get so much more; you get a plugin, theme and to make this deal even sweeter you get a complete membership plugin that’s fully compatible with OptimizePress 2.0.

I’ve been an OptimizePress customer for a long time now, I bought the first version a few years ago and as soon as version 2.0 was released I bought that too.


OptimizePress 2.0 has taken the creation of landing pages, sales pages and squeeze pages to an entirely new level.

This is hands down one of the best purchases I have ever made when it comes to plugins or anything else marketing related.

The time it has saved me is incredible and the fact that it comes with a membership plugin saved me between $100-$300.

This is simply incredible.


  • Theme version – use it to power your entire blog.
  • Membership plugin.
  • Powerful drag and drop editor.
  • Split testing of individual elements.
  • Offer countdown timer.
  • Image with Javascript alert.
  • Extensive shortcodes.
  • Fully mobile responsive.
  • 30+ high converting templates for every type of page you need.
  • Create 2 step opt-in forms.

Price: Starts from $97.

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Thrive Content Builder + Landing Pages

Use Thrive Content Builder To Create Custom Pages Easily

This plugin allows you create custom page layouts with its drag and drop editor. This editor allows you to see exactly how your content will look.

It has all the elements you need in order to create great looking squeeze pages, sales pages and so much more.

In a recent update, the landing pages add-on was released which makes it easy for you to create high converting landing pages in a short space of time.

You can also create 2 step opt-in forms which display a popover when a button is clicked by the user. This is a great way to build your email list because it’s proven to increase conversions.


  • Editor works with your existing theme.
  • Easy to use visual editor.
  • Undo and redo functionality.
  • Supports external shortcodes within the editor.
  • Comes with several templates (more on the way).
  • Edit posts and pages.
  • Allows you to create 2 step opt-in forms.

Price: $49+.

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LeadPages Is A Complete Landing Page Platform

LeadPages is much more than just a WordPress plugin; it’s a landing page creation platform.

It handles the hosting of your pages, delivery of your digital assets (e.g. PDF’s) and has 70+ templates ready for you to use.

Setting up your own high converting landing page is extremely easy and if you have the copy you want to use, you can have a page created within minutes.

LeadPages is a huge time saver.


  • Works with HTML as well as WordPress.
  • Split test your pages in seconds.
  • 70+ templates to create a variety of landing pages.
  • Built in analytics.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • LeadBoxes feature allows for 2 step opt-ins to be created.
  • Digital asset delivery can be used to send PDF’s and other files to your subscribers.

Price: Starts from $37/month.

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Coming Soon Pro by SeedProd

Add A Coming Soon Page With SeedProd

Coming Soon Pro is my go-to WordPress plugin for whenever I’m working on a new website.

I use the plugin to display a coming soon page so that nobody visiting the site can see what I’m doing with the site behind the scenes.

The added benefit here is that I can use my coming soon page to build my email list. And it’s incredibly easy to setup.

This plugin is also useful after a website has been launched because your coming soon page can be assigned its own URL and used as a regular landing page.

You can also display a maintenance mode page when you’re tweaking the live site.


  • Various access controls.
  • Allows client access.
  • Maintenance mode.
  • Basic customization options.
  • Advanced customization via CSS.
  • Use your coming soon page as a dedicated landing page.
  • Integrates with most popular email providers.
  • You can save opt-ins to your database and export.
  • Run a viral contest from your coming soon page.

Price: Starts from $29.

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WordPress Landing Pages

Capture Leads For Free With WordPress Landing Pages

There are a bunch of free landing page plugins available, a lot of the ones I came across required paid memberships to work beyond a free trial.

WordPress Landing Pages will allow you to create landing pages for free and has some interesting features like A/B split testing, conversion rate tracking and a nice selection of templates.

The downside is that integration with popular mailing list providers starts at $25 each; some like GetResponse are $35. This does mean that it’s a bit more worthwhile spending the money on OptimizePress if you were considering this as an option.

Note: when testing this plugin I did find it quite tedious to customize and it wasn’t all too user friendly in comparison to other landing page plugins I’ve used. That said, It’s one of the best free plugins available for this.


  • A/B Split testing.
  • Pre-populate forms with visitor information.
  • Several templates included (other templates can be purchased).
  • Integration with popular email providers (cost per integration starting at $25).

Price: Free but integrations with email providers start from $25 each.

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Which landing page plugin should you choose?

I’ve listed a number of plugins and it’s important to note that these plugins are best suited to different circumstances.

In fact, it’s not strange to actually use more than one of the plugins that I’ve listed above.

For example, I use LeadPages for the majority of my landing pages purely because it’s so fast. I use OptimizePress for when I need something built from the ground up or which needs more customization. I also use Thrive Content Builder for the times when I need something less resource intensive than OptimizePress.

Below I have listed a number of situations where you mind find particular plugins work better for you than others.

Value for money

Comparing features to pricing, Thrive Content Builder comes out on top here. You can get the license for all of your sites for $67 and while this price will go up (not sure when), the usual $97 price still works out great in comparison to the likes of OptimizePress. A single license works out at $49.

Although with OptimizePress you do get a membership plugin and a theme version but the trade-off is a more resource intensive plugin.

Hosting and digital asset delivery taken care of for you

If you have a lot of free downloads that you make available for your email subscribers, LeadPages is a great option.

The problem with having a lot of free downloads for subscribers is that you find yourself having to create multiple pages for each one to be downloaded from. With LeadPages, you can assign a free download to each landing page.

After someone signs up to your email list, they’ll get an email with the download link.

The other thing is that LeadPages takes care of hosting your landing pages too so you’ll save on bandwidth here.

Easy landing page customization

I find Thrive Content Builder makes it much easier to tweak landing pages than anything else and it’s also very easy to add additional elements to your pages.

OptimizePress is another good option here, you get the option to add more elements but it’s a more resource intensive plugin.

Straight forward A/B split testing

WordPress Landing Pages does allow split testing but I find it a very limiting plugin due to how integrations soon cause cost to spiral out of control.

LeadPages has built in split testing, it is on the $67/month plan but I find that worthwhile because of how much time it saves me. The last split test I started took me 2 minutes to create and that included tweaking the copy.

If you want a wide variety of templates to choose from

LeadPages comes with 70+ templates out of the box but they also add a few new templates every month and they’re all based on templates that are getting results.

OptimizePress comes with around 30 templates out of the box but you can subscribe to their monthly club which will give you access to around a 100 templates with more being added every month. I find there is greater variety here.

A light weight landing page plugin that is easy to use

Page load times are extremely important but you also need the right combination of features that don’t restrict you to the point where it makes using a landing page plugin more time consuming than it should be.

So for a light weight plugin that has enough features to make your life easier and save you time, Thrive Content Builder is a solid option.