25+ Great Mobile Friendly Web Templates

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25+ Great Mobile Friendly Web Templates

There are many types of mobile friendly web templates which can help you to reach one of the faste growing marketplaces today – those who use cell phones and other mobile devices to access the internet. One problem that is usually faced by most businessmen is that they find it difficult in creating the types of websites which would help them to bring their products and services before the people. With the right website having a responsive layout, you can do things easily.

HTML CSS Web Templates

A HTML mobile template helps you to create your desired website without hiring any web designer, especially if you have a good template. You can create sites which look professional, and you will discover that being successful online is not a difficult thing. However, you need to get the right tool, or else, your online adventure would be a waste of time.

Some Mobile Website Templates to Use

There are many mobile-friendly web templates that can help you to create your dream sites. They have many features for any type of business. If you are looking to launch your website today, the details below give you information on some of the templates to use.

Reside HTML5 Mobile Template

This is a HTML5/ CSS3 web template which you will always enjoy. It has custom jQuery code, custom add2home and it is cookie-powered. Another cool feature is that it comes with page pre-loader with fader; supports WebApp; has 800 icons; and many more. Therefore, it is a good choice for you.
Live Preview / More Info Reside Template

Boldr Mobile Retina Template

This is a template with many typography features, some of which are 2 text columns; 1 text column; 3 text columns; 2 columns with icon; 1 column with icon; 3 columns with icon;
2 columns with image; 1 column with image; 3 columns with image; and Blockquote with icons. These features make it to be one of the best mobile-friendly web templates for anybody.
Live Preview / More Info Boldr Mobile

Drawer Mobile Retina Web Template

This is an HTML mobile template which comes with AJAX/PHP Contact Form with validation, and this is one of the things which make it to be a must-have for anybody who really wants to build a professional-looking website. In addition, it has a color box image gallery; Touch Swipe image slider; full retina support for each of the graphic elements; and many others.
Live Preview / More Info Drawer Web Template

Moderner Mobile Retina Site Theme

In addition to have a responsive layout, this template has many jQuery features that will always make your site to be user-friendly. Some of the features are jQuery Photoswipe; jQuery Swipe Slider; jQuery Colorbox gallery (1 column); jQuery Colorbox filtrable gallery; jQuery Colorbox 2 column gallery; jQuery Checkboxes (retina ready); and jQuery Radioboxes. With these features, there is no limit to what you can do online.
Live Preview / More Info Moderner HTML Template

The Metro Mobile Retina Website Template

This is also one of the mobile website templates that you should consider. Some of its HTML/CSS3 features are the presence of pure CSS3 buttons; iPhone Web App; and the presence of Google Font API which give you more SEO power. You will also enjoy a jQuery photogallery with a good slideshow.
Live Preview / More Info The Metro

New Year 2013 HTML Mobile Template

The responsive layout of this template makes it to be compatible with many tablets like all versions of Samsung Galaxy and iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3. It can also work well with Asus, and other Android tablet devices. The people using iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5 will also always enjoy visiting your website.
Live Preview / More Info New Year 2013 HTML Theme

Metro HTML Mobile Template

This is a very good template because it comes with 24 real Metro Colors through which you can create your desired look. This is in addition to the support for Video Tile, Slider Tile and Map Tile, and if you want to use multiple photo gallery, you will find this template to be very useful.
Live Preview / More Info Metro HTML Template

Ultimate Template

This works perfectly with many iPhone apps, meaning that you will always have your visitors sharing your content with their friends. If you also want to build custom webApps (loading custom icons, splash screens, etc.), you should always use this.
Live Preview / More Info Ultimate Template

Lotus HTML5 jQuery Tablet and Mobile Template

This template has more than 40 retina-ready images and dark and light color theme for creating your desired website. In addition, there are more than 450 retina icons; many retina navigation icons; over 14 PSD files; thousands of lines of pure HTML5 and CSS3 code; Welcome page; over 15 HTML pages; and Twitter feed.
Live Preview / More Info Lotus

Mobile Web Template

This is a good option if you are really looking for the best mobile friendly template, as it is from one of the best developers in the industry. There are many responsive sliders; over 30 HTML pages; video galleries; AJAX PHP mail form; and photo galleries.
Live Preview / More Info Mobile Web Template

Klassio RSV Mobile Web Template

This is a good HTML mobile template which is compatible with many iPhone versions like 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S and 5. It can also work with tablets like many versions of Samsung Galaxy and iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3. Some of the page templates are Home; Splash Screen; Personal Profile/Company Profile and their sub pages; Management Team; Mission & Vision; History; Portfolio; Products & Services; and News & Events.
Live Preview / More Info Klassio RSV

Androness Retina Ready Template

This is a good template that will meet your needs because of its liquid HTML5 and CSS3 design. Some of the page templates that you will enjoy are Home; Splash Screen; HTML Elements; Blog + Blog Details; and Portfolio + Portfolio Details. In addition, you can create as many pages as desired, as all the styles can be used again.
Live Preview / More Info Androness

121 Mobile Web Template

When people think of HTML/CSS web templates, this is one of the ones they have on the list because it has 15 HTML pages; responsive layout to adapt your website pages to the type of mobile device being used to access your website; JQuery Mobile; has AJAX PHP mail form; Flex Slider; video gallery; and Photoswipe Gallery.
Live Preview / More Info 121 Mobile Site Template

Retro Metro Website Theme

This is another template that you will always love because it is built on Swiss Graphic design, and comes with W3 valid HTML5 liquid code and layout so as to create confidence when your visitors browse your website.
Live Preview / More Info Retro Metro

Tiger jQuery Web Template

Many people love this template because of its responsive layout and the presence of IOS Web App and HTML5 core structure. Therefore, it should be used if you want to have a successful online presence. Depending on your needs, the template also has hundreds of Google web fonts; 9 different color layouts; jQuery Mobile Toggle Menu; Flexy Slider; Photoswipe Gallery; and iPhone Home Bubble icon.
Live Preview / More Info Tiger

Bolt jQuery Template

You will always enjoy this template because of its HTML5 & CSS3 coding, while it can be customized easily. There are also 4 page change effects; 8 color themes; and many company pages – About, Portfolio Gallery, Services/Products, Blog, Contact and many others.
Live Preview / More Info Bolt

Cupcake Retina Mobile Template

When you have this template, you will always be happy with it because you can use it to create unlimited pages, and with its flexible Main Menu structure, Photoswipe Gallery and iPhone Home Bubble icon, you can always have internet users who will be happy visiting your site many times. There is also a working Ajax/PHP Contact form through which you can receive feedback from your visitors.
Live Preview / More Info Cupcake

Rodin jQuery Web Theme

This is a theme having a good HTML5 core structure and clean code to let you do your business online, reaching millions of mobile users. With the Flexy Slider, anybody can browse your site easily.
Live Preview / More Info Rodin

The Palace HTML Theme

This is a good template for mobile and tablet devices, thanks to its 7 color variations and 6 HTML5 pages, and with the Google map with itinerary, your visitors can easily reach you and do business with you.
Live Preview / More Info The Palace

WOW mySite Theme for Mobile Friendly

This is also one of the best HTML/CSS web templates. It works with many devices like iPhone, Android, iPad and many other popular smartphones, thus enabling you to maintain the look of your brand and desktop website. There are 9 color schemes and landscape and portrait screen orientation capabilities.
Live Preview / More Info WOW mySite

IMGRo Mobile Retina Template

This is one of the popular templates because it has many HTML CSS3 features. For instance, there is support for iPhone Homescreen icon with iPhone Web App startup screen, while the CSS3 buttons enlarge based on the text.
Live Preview / More Info IMGRo Mobile Site Template

Kaius Mobile Retina HTML Site Template

This is a good HTML5 & CSS3 template, and as it has many jQuery features, you will always love it. For instance, it has a Swipe feature for the jQuery Homepage Slider; there is jQuery Menu, Instant Menu Change; jQuery animated notification boxes; and jQuery photogallery.
Live Preview / More Info Kaius

Those are some of the best mobile friendly web templates that you should consider, and the fact that they are cheap makes them to be the right one for any businessman. If you like, you can also use them for personal blogging, sharing ideas with your family and friends. Therefore, you need to download your copy today.

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