21 WordPress Plugins for Safer, Smoother, and Better User Registration

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21 WordPress Plugins for Safer, Smoother, and Better User Registration



Letting users into your blog in some way is a big deal. Regardless of what type of permissions your grant them, they now have more permission than they had before.

And so managing who registers for your site, how they register, what type of instructions they recieve, what type of information you require of them, and on and on and on is all very important stuff.

Somewhere in the following twenty-one plugins you should no doubt come across at least a few tools that will help you better deal with all these issues.

New User Approve (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin allows the site administrator to approve or disapprove a new user before they are able to login to the site. If the administrator approves the user, then an email is sent to the user with the login information. If the administrator denies the user, then no email is sent.

This plugin could prove especially useful if combined with other plugins that require more information from the user, such as the CIMY User Extra Fields plugin below. For example, you could require a user to provide more information on registration, and then before approval, you could check out their profile (a user profile is still created), and then you could decide to accept or reject their registration based on how they answered the questions/fields you set up.


Cimy User Extra Fields (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin lets you add all sorts of fields to the registration (and profile) page. This allows you to do things such as require a user to agree to a Terms of Service, have users fill out information about themselves, let users create their own passwords, give users the option of adding an avatar, etc.

Fields can be set to required or not.

The plugin currently supports the following types of fields:

  • text
  • textarea
  • textarea-rich
  • password
  • checkbox
  • radio
  • drop-down
  • picture
  • picture-url
  • registration-date
  • avatar
  • file

It also supports reCAPTCHA, image upload with crop/resize, custom registration logo, and much more.

Featured Plugin – WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Now there’s no need to pay for a third party service to sign up, manage and send beautiful email newsletters to your subscriber base – this plugin has got the lot.

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New User Email Set Up (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin lets you customize every aspect of the email that’s sent to new users upon registration. It allows you to set the following: HTML or text, subject line, from line, content of email.

An example of the email’s content in the plugin might look like this:

Welcome %username% please find below your login details.<br />
I hope you enjoy our site.<br /> <strong>Username:</strong> %username%<br />
 <strong>Password:</strong> %password%<br /> %loginurl%

If you have other links you would like new users to click, then just stick them in. Everything is completely up to you.

The plugin also has a number of options for the email that gets sent the administrator upon a new user registration, including the ability to turn these emails off.



Registration Statistics (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin displays graphs and tables to help you keep up with your user registration numbers. If you have a site with a large number of registrations, you may find these stats useful. You can sort through the stats by date or by count. You can also do things such as click on a date and find the posts that were published on that day or during that month (perhaps giving you an insight into why registrations went up or down during that time period, etc.).




Disable Registration Email (DOWNLOAD HERE)


If you have a site with a lot of user registrations, you may want to turn off the emails that the administrator gets with every new registration. This plugin does that. Nothing to configure.



Peter’s Login Redirect (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin allows you to redirect a user to another page immediately after filling out the registration form. A complete run-down of the plugin can be found in a previous post here.




Pie Register (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin gives you a whole mess of registration options. Here’s a list:



  • Allow users to choose their own passwords
  • Enable password strength meter
  • Use a custom logo
  • Enable PayPal for payment
  • Prevent fake email addresses with email verification
  • Require admin approval of users
  • Enable invitation codes
  • Enable disclaimers
  • Enable license agreements
  • Enable privacy policies
  • Allow previously used emails
  • Redirect users after login
  • Add additional profile fields



Customize Your Registration/Login Page

These three plugins all allow you to change the logo on your registration page from the default WordPress logo to one of your own. You can see more detail about each of these plugins in aprevious post.


Theme My Login (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin gives you a number of options surrounding registrations, logins, logouts, etc.

The options for registrations include a registration widget for sidebars (users fill out their username and email address right there), allowing users to choose their own password, an option for new users emails, as well as the ability to approve new users or not.



Terms of Use (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin allows you to require users to agree to a Terms of Service/Use and Privacy Policy as they are registering. It has a number of other options relating to TOS and Privacy Policy agreements as well, such as requiring comments to agree, etc. The settings page is well presented with easy to edit forms, as well as a default Terms and Conditions policy to help get you started if you need it.





This plugin’s overall purpose is to help you set up a membership site (i.e. only registered members are able to view certain content). Even if you don’t have a membership site, however, the plugin may still be valuable to for all the registration-related options it offers. Here are some mentioned on the plugin page:

  • Login/Registration inline with content rather than the WP login page
  • User registration and member information management integrated into your theme
  • Create custom registration fields
  • Can set which fields display and which are required
  • Notify admin of new user registrations
  • Hold new registrations for admin approval
  • Turn registration off completely (for admins that want to control registration in some other way)
  • Optional CAPTCHA for registration



WP User Registration (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin lets your add fields to the registration form for things such as choosing a password, word verification, a user website address, a user’s name, etc. Although this plugin may seem a little old (it’s been three years since an update), it still seems to work just fine.


Last But Certainly Not Least

And last, WPMUDev has a few registration related plugins of its own. Some of these are premium plugins; however, as always, you should keep in mind that joining “Dev” means getting over 300 plugins and themes, constant updates, and great support.

Some of these plugins may be made especially for Multisite (blog networks).

Set Password (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This plugin allows users to choose their own password during the registration process. If they choose not to, one will automatically be assigned to them as usual.



Select Language at Signup (DOWNLOAD HERE)


Working in conjunction with the Languages for WordPress plugin, this plugin lets new Multisite users select which language they want to use during registration.


Terms of Service (DOWNLOAD HERE)


This Multisite plugin places a Terms of Service box on the registration page requiring users to check the box in order to continue. There is also a function available to place the TOS on a page on your main blog.




This Multisite plugin limits who can sign up for a blog or a user account by requiring a code. No code: No go.




Multi-Domains (DOWNLOAD HERE)


Multi-Domains (for WordPress Multisite installs) allows users to easily create sites/blogs at multiple domains that you control. Sound confusing? Take a look at the screenshot and video below, and it should be a little clearer.


Membership (DOWNLOAD HERE)


Membership is a plugin that goes way beyond controlling who is allowed to register for your site, but of course who you allow to register, what they register for, and what they can do after they register all revolves around registration.

You can take a look at the video to get a feel for it, and then check it out in more detail on its download page.

Ultimate Facebook (DOWNLOAD HERE)

button-white-13This Facebook plugin does much, much more than just allow your users to register with their Facebook accounts, but of course it does that too, so we’ll include it in this list. While it can be used on single sites, it is also compatible with Multisite (as well as BuddyPress).

It really does do too much to go into here, so you might want to check out the video below, and then head over to the plugin page to check it out.

Watch the video:

More info on the plugin page here.

COMING SOON – Plugins that focus on combating spam registrations.

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