20 Premium-Coded Bootstrap Skins for Web Developers

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20 Premium-Coded Bootstrap Skins for Web Developers


Bootstrap is a popular framework with powerful features and eay to use interface, ideal for helping web designers and developers create beautiful Bootstrap templates. Bootstrap website templates have responsive layouts and look great on all mobile devices, which is a big plus nowdays.

We selected 20 premium-coded Bootstrap skins for web developers in this post. These great Bootstrap skins can be used by web designers and web developers to create awesome websites!

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Flatron – Bootstrap 3 Flat Theme

Flatron is a Bootstrap 3 flat theme that restructures Bootstrap and makes it more beautiful and more easy to edit and use. Flatron removes the default Bootstrap spacings between different blocks.


CS Apple – Bootstrap 3 Skin

CS APPLE is a skin for Bootstrap 3, built with all the trimmings of the Bootstrap framework. It’s easy to use, easier to install and customizable using LESS (files included).


Creative Bootstrap Skin

Creative Bootstrap Skin is a responsive and multipurpose code work as framework for all designing projects with the use of Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.0 Framework. It uses CSS3 to adapt the layout to the viewing environment.

osCitas Bootstrap Skin

osCitas Bootstrap Skin is an awesome skin which will give a totally new and unique look to Bootstrap 3.x. It is a very simple, attractive, yet very powerful skin. It is very easy to implement too.


New Themes for MultiSite Builder CMS

This pack offers 37 additional Bootstrap 3 themes for “MultiSite Builder.” It is very useful for Bootstrap users.


Future UI – Bootstrap 3 Skin

Future UI Bootstrap 3 Skin is a responsive and multipurpose code work as framework for all designing projects with the use of Twitter Bootstrap v3.3.0 Framework.


Colorstrap – Bootstrap Skin

Colorstrap is a very simple but powerful skin, which gives Bootstrap 3.x an unique look, adding enhanced features and ready-to-go templates. Colorstrap is a single file CSS Theme, which enhances default Bootstrap look.


Apollo – Bootstrap Skin

Apollo is a modern template built with Bootstrap 3, giving it the ability to be used with any website. This modern and flat design is the best pick for your next web development project.


Kanda Bootstrap skin

Kanda is a lightweight skin for Twitter Bootstrap 3, built with clean and minimalist concept. Kanda includes LESS files and other useful jQuery plugins such as datetime-picker, daterange-picker, color-picker, sparklines chart, validation control by Nod!, dropzone etc.


47Admin – Bootstrap Admin Skin

47Admin is a Bootstrap skin designed for admin templates. Built on latest version of Twitter Bootstrap 3 with new features and customizable options. Ideal for your next admin theme or web app project.


Kvelle – Multipurpose Bootstrap Skin

Kvelle is a multifunctional and multipurpose expansion set for Bootstrap with over 25 jQuery plugins and many new built-in features.There are 5 colors to choose from and each color offers 5 swatches.


R-flex Bootstrap 3 Skin

R-flex Designer Toolkit is a responsive and multipurpose code work as framework for all designing projects with the use of Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.2 Framework. It uses CSS3.


Antagon – Multifunctional Bootstrap Skin

Antagon is a massive expansion set for Bootstrap with 34 jQuery plugins and many new built-in features. Full LESS code is included. The code is built up to allow maximum flexibility.


Sponge – Bootstrap Skin

This great Bootstrap skin has many features such as: Bootstrap 3.2.0, Font Awesome 4.1.0, LESS included.


Elegant – Bootstrap 3 Skin

Elegant is a skin for Bootstrap. It has 5 predefined color schemes, saturated design, easy Bootstrap framework update, additional UI elements and simple landing page, typography based Google Fonts, Less included, support and more.


Boske – Skin for Bootstrap 3

Boske is a skin for Bootstrap, which means that can be used with any site built with the Bootstrap framework. It brings all the potential of every Bootstrap component.


Fueled – Bootstrap skin

Fueled is a great Bootstrap skin with lots of useful features for web developers. This product will be kept up to date with the latest version of Bootstrap. bugfixes and more features will certainly come in the future.


Pickle – Flat bootstrap theme

Pickle is a magnificent bootstrap 3 flat theme with unique features. Pickle is provided with css files and less files allowing unique customization and easy installation.


InfinityStrap – Flat Bootstrap Skin

InfinityStrap is a flat design Twitter Bootstrap Skin with a lot of customisation ready to use on your website. This skin is inspired by Vertical Infinity UI. InfinityStrap is build with LESS.


Solidstrap – Metro Style Bootstrap Skin V.2

Solidstrap is custom mod Bootstrap with metro design and style. Solidstrap has features like audio and video player and also new progress bars and some javascript.