20 Awesome jQuery Sliders

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20 Awesome jQuery Sliders

Image and content sliders are an extremely common element in modern web design. Coding your own slider from scratch is always an option, but if you’re looking to save some time or if you’re not sure how to code your own slider there are plenty of options. In some cases, working with an existing jQuery plugin will give you the chance to observe the code that is being used, and learn things that can be used in situations where you do want to code from scratch.

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In this post we’ll look at 20 different options for sliders. Many of them allow you to create responsive sliders, and some are optimized for mobile users as well. Most of these options are free. The last two listed are premium, and one is free with options to pay for a WordPress plugin version.

Slider Revolution
Slider Revolution is a premium WordPress plugin ($15) that allows you to easily create and customize responsive sliders. It comes with 20 different transitions, it’s touch enabled, and you can include just about any content you want within your slider.


Wow Slider

Wow Slider is an “awesome slider for non-coders”. It is a responsive slider with plenty of beautiful visual effects, and what makes it unique is the point-and-click wizard that makes it possible to create sliders with no coding.


Nivo Slider
Nivo is possibly the most popular jQuery slider plugin. It is free to download and use (WordPress plugin is not free, costing $19 for a single site license). Nivo comes with 16 different transition effects, it’s responsive, and it’s easy to work with.


Simple Multi-Item Slider
The Simple Multi-Item Slider is a great option for e-commerce sites, and for other sites looking to display items and products. It uses some nice CSS animations as well as jQuery to create a very attractive item display.


Fullscreen Slit Slider with CSS3 and jQuery
The Fullscreen Slit Slider from Codrops is a unique slider with some interesting transition effects. Instead of simply sliding, it slices open the slide as it transitions to the next slide.


Parallax Content Slider with CSS3 and jQuery
If you’re looking for a slider that will allow you to include content as well as images, the Parallax Content Slider could be a good choice. It uses CSS3 animations with each single element, so you have a lot of control.


Rotating Image Slider with jQuery
If you’re looking for a unique slider that will help your site to stand out, this is a great option. Instead of simply slider images in and out it gives theme a slight rotation, which creates a really interesting slider that visitors will love.


Parallax Slider with jQuery
This sliders moves the background when sliding an image, creating an interesting parallax effect that separates it from more typical sliders.


Slider Gallery with jQuery
This slider displays thumbnails in a horizontal slider. As is shown in the demo, it is great for photography websites to display photos in different categories.



Unoslider is designed to be responsive and with mobile users in mind. It is touch enabled and mobile optimized, plus it offers unlimited transitions and is easily themeable.


Responsiveslides.js is a simple and lightweight jQuery slider. It creates a responsive slider using elements inside a container.


Camera is a responsive slider using jQuery mobile so users can mobile users can scroll through slides easily on a touchscreen. The are plenty of options for customizations and it supports HTML and video in addition to just images.


SlidesJS is a responsive slider with features like touch support and CSS3 transitions.


bxSlider is responsive and mobile-friendly. You can create sliders with horizontal, vertical, or fade transitions. Your slides can contain images, video, or HTML, and there are tons of configuration options.


Basic jQuery Slider
The Basic jQuery Slider is a good option if you are looking for a simple slider that you can easily customize. It is intended to be a starting point without tons of features.


Elastislide is a responsive image carousel that can be laid out horizontally or vertically and will adapt fluidly within your layout. It displays thumbnails in an attractive presentation.


RSlider is a fullscreen responsive slider that supports categories.


FlexSlider is a free option from WooThemes. It offers horizontal and vertical slides, plus fade animations.


Slider Revolution
Slider Revolution is a premium WordPress plugin ($15) that allows you to easily create and customize responsive sliders. It comes with 20 different transitions, it’s touch enabled, and you can include just about any content you want within your slider.


SlideDeck is a premium WordPress plugin ($49 for a single site license). It’s extremely popular because it offers a ton of useful features and because it is easy to set up beautiful responsive sliders from within the WordPress dashboard without any coding. For designers/developers who prefer to code their own slider, or to customize the code of an existing slider, SlideDeck may not be the ideal option. But for end users who want to be able to create sliders without the need to mess with code, it can be a great choice.


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